Marathon Training

Marathon training

Talk to most people, sporting and non-sporting alike, about being a runner and 9 times out of 10 they'll ask if you've ever run a marathon? In the popular imagination the Marathon is the king of races.

Have you been lucky enough to get a place in the next London Marathon? Are you thinking about entering another 26.2 mile event? Would you like some help with your preparation in either case? Would you like to join the club and become eligible to try and secure a place in the next London Marathon?

On Sunday mornings between November and April each year our Coaches and Leaders (experienced marathoneers and ultramarathoneers themselves) facilitate long and extra long runs of between 8 and 22 miles.

Those wishing to join the club's marathon training who are not yet able to comfortably run 10 miles are encouraged to come along to Tuesday or Thursday night training sessions initially.