The Lode Half Marathon 2012

04 Nov 2012
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NameChip TimePositionAG%
Eliot Weatherill01:35:313865.10%
Race Report: 

Just outside Cambridge, Lode is in the heart of fenland which guarantees a flat course. Unfortunately it also means that there is little shelter from the elements which on the day would have been nice. Dreadful weather ensured a very wet and cold run but given the conditions and the small size of the event it was really nice to see so many marshals lining the course. It was difficult to know who was having the least fun as I passed them by and I made a point of thanking each of them for braving the conditions to offer support.

Organisation was good and the event had a welcoming feel to it. With only around 150 runners (180 or so entries but quite a few no shows perhaps due to the conditions), everyone was able to huddle together in the social club, hiding from the rain until the very last minute and it also gave us somewhere dry to change afterwards and grab a hot drink.

It was a shame there was no medal but I did get a PB so can't complain. Very tempting to return next year hoping for better weather and another PB!