Bupa London 10K 2011

30 May 2011
Number of finishers: 
9 908
Julian Hazeldine00:36:2922473.60%
Rodney Baldwin00:43:4077461.53%
John Crossley00:54:49740449.01%
Race Report: 

Race report: [Rod] First and foremost the Bupa 10K race in central London has to be the best 10K I have ever had the pleasure of running in. After the previous week's 10K I just wanted to get under 44 mins, started too fast and then slowed down a bit too much, at times maybe held myself back too much because I was worried about pain in later stages. Maintained pace until the last 300 Meters and then went for it, managed a sub 4minute last 1K (very happy with that). Broke my PB by 12 seconds which may not be much but it means I am going in the right direction, also first PB for 4 Races.

Pros: VERY well organized event, Waves for Runners of different speeds, Fast and flat, Interesting views.
Cons: Can't think of one!