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Hampstead Heath parkrun #55

Date: 02 Jun 2012

No. of Finishers: 81

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Graham Marsden00:28:385251.51%

ELVIS 2012 #1 - Eton Manor 5K

Date: 27 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 202

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Moussa Fany Traore00:17:18674.57%
Paul Lewis00:20:404669.11%
Danis Dervis00:21:195960.59%
Chi Chi Agebeze00:21:556367.68%
Heather Mclarnon00:22:046467.07%
Rolston Lecointe00:22:286965.13%
Tony Lobo00:22:307065.56%
Peter Grant00:24:159565.02%
Bisi Imafidon00:24:3810163.87%
Natalie Traylen00:24:5010460.60%
Dennis Sherwood00:25:1911056.42%
Herbie Loftman00:26:3612654.14%
Louise Sinon00:26:5013255.90%
Kenneth Wilson00:29:2815849.26%
David Thurtle00:30:1116558.42%
Vivienne Eka00:31:2017148.83%

Bupa London 10K 2012

Date: 27 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 15000

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Julian Hazeldine00:35:3416275.54%
Rodney Baldwin00:43:1668262.21%
Lisa Naylor01:01:49558250.15%
Neil Ansell01:14:29880537.06%

Wanstead Flats parkrun #54

Date: 26 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 71

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Paul Dennis00:22:451661.39%
Fiona Green00:24:373271.63%
Graham Marsden00:27:054754.46%
Elizabeth Worrell-Jude00:38:287147.70%

Valentines parkrun #67

Date: 26 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 108

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Natalie Traylen00:33:077845.45%

British Heart Foundation 10K Jog 2012

Date: 23 May 2012

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Barbara Dandy00:44:26
Danis Dervis01:03:04
Louise SinonNo Time
Natalie TraylenNo Time
Neil AnsellNo Time
Shumon MiahNo Time
Tanveer MirzaNo Time
Kenneth WilsonNo Time
David RadfordNo Time
Paul DennisNo Time
Maxine ClarkeNo Time

Crystal Palace Triathlon

Date: 20 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 514

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Paul Dennis00:24:4334556.51%

Great Baddow 10 Mile 2012

Date: 20 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 670

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Dennis Sherwood01:26:5540956.11%

Lee Valley 10K 2012

Date: 20 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 322

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Neil Ansell01:07:3330040.86%

Wanstead Flats parkrun #53

Date: 19 May 2012

No. of Finishers: 111

NameChip TimePositionAG%
Rodney Baldwin00:20:391262.63%
Rolston Lecointe00:22:022666.41%
Danis Dervis00:22:222857.75%
Tony Lobo00:22:333165.41%
Robin Sorflaten00:22:533367.73%
Fiona Green00:24:044673.27%
Louise Sinon00:25:115959.56%
Dennis Sherwood00:25:216356.34%
Natalie Traylen00:25:536958.15%
Herbie Loftman00:27:318352.33%
Vivienne Eka00:28:539052.97%
Neil Ansell00:30:3910043.28%
Elizabeth Worrell-Jude00:37:2511149.04%